The Parkview Senior Living Community

About Us

Mission Statement:

Quality senior living, achieved legally, morally, ethically, fairly, and compassionately

Our History

The Parkview Senior Community seen from a drone

The Parkview Senior-Living Community started off in the year 2000 with the construction of Parkview I, a 70-unit independent-living building for seniors. In 2005, Parkview II was constructed, which was also a 73-unit independent-living building for seniors.

The Parkview team was concerned that as residents aged in place, they would need to separate from friends and family to locate in a quality assisted-living facility many miles away. Therefore, in 2008, the Parkview team developed the first phase of Parkview Gardens, a 24-unit assisted living facility (technically, under Wisconsin Law, a “Residential Care Apartment Community” or “RCAC”).

In 2013, the Parkview team developed the second phase of Parkview Gardens, a 23-unit addition to the first phase. In that same year, the Parkview team constructed Parkview III, another 73-unit building for independent seniors.

In 2018, the Parkview team completed the third phase of Parkview Gardens, a 48-unit addition of RCAC and a 34-unit memory-care facility, all of which were physically connected to the first two phases of Parkview Gardens. Thus, the three phases of Parkview Gardens are effectively one building.

The Parkview team is immensely proud of this quality senior campus in the heart of Southeastern Wisconsin.